What to Expect

Here at The Ezekiel Baptist Church, where it was founded on the person of Jesus Christ who is the founder of the church, The Messiah, Lord, Savior, and soon coming King.  When a person visits our church he can expect to be warmly greeted by multiple members of Ezekiel, experience the presence of God during our worship, receive love from the congregation, and be given a free gift from the church just for attending.  We also encourage our visitors if they have young children, to trust them with our competent staff in a secure environment while learning spiritual truths about God. Thus, freeing the parent to enjoy the worship service.

Should the Holy Spirit draw you to Himself to join our church than you can expect the following: Our trained counselors will make certain that you understand the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also you will given a new Bible and paired with either a member of our disciple ministry or join one of our new members classes. Because we believe that a person’s life should be transformed once saved, we insist that the new member be discipled immediately.  Once going through the first phase of discipleship the new member will attend a class which will help him/her to be familiar with their spiritual gift and passion and then be directed to the ministry best suited for them based on their spiritual gift and passion.  No one is allowed to serve in Ezekiel without first going through the first phase of discipleship and spiritual gift class.  The basis for this is that Ezekiel wants the new member to comprehend our mission of evangelism, discipleship, and transformation prior to serving.

Once the new member has gone through their discipleship training the member is expected to serve our Lord faithfully until death and financially support Ezekiel.